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Vision & Mission

Companies are hoping on becoming data-driven in the future. Nevertheless, this goal has been proven intangible for most. Although most firms want to use data to make critical decisions related to their businesses, most do not trust their capacity to act on their analysis strategies.

At DTB Analytics, we strongly believe that companies need to better understand their businesses from a functional and operational standpoint. They need to know exactly how to act on the data they’ve gathered within the years!
And that’s where DTB steps in!

DTB specialists connect to your data, interpret & visualize it, and then put it into the hands of decision makers through a combination of the major disciplines of data analysis and data sciences: descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive, machine learning, and natural language processing.

The founders of DTB Analytics

Committed to delivering excellent services 

Christelle EL HAJJ ASSAF, PhD

Co-founder & Data Analyst at  DTB

Throughout the years invested in studies and research, Christelle realized that what is even more interesting and valuable than doing experiments, was the ability to treat and analyze the generated data.

After obtaining her PhD degree in Pathology, Toxicology, Genetics and Nutrition; her focus switched to the fascinating world of data analysis and business intelligence. Thus making DTB see the light.

She believes that no one can be able to understand the performance of his company/ research/ industry without good quality data to measure it.


Co-founder & Data Analyst at DTB  

Michael started his career path by being an accountant however he was always passionate for the IT world. By combining his accountancy skills to his passion, he managed to build up his dreams.

Today he is the co-owner of 3 companies providing consultancy services in accounting / ERP systems, development and data analysis.

He strongly believes that having an accurate vision of the evolution of any business activity is defined by a proper analysis of its data and all strategical decisions should be based on Business Intelligence. Hence the need for a company like DTB.