Turn Data into Action:

Smart descisions trough clear insights

Achieve your business goals more efficiently by analyzing automated reports.

The power of automated reports:

Save time

Save the time spent on overusing Excel

Avoid errors

Avoid the errors caused by repeated tasks


Analyze immediately using reports that are always up to date

Minimize stress

Minimize stress when sharing and presenting


Discover the enormous potential of

Automated Reporting

Automated reports are crucial for making informed decisions, improving efficiency, reducing costs and driving revenue growth. However, does your organization deal with massive amounts of data? Does this data come from various software programs, departments, and data formats? If so, we offer you the solution.


DTB Analytics helps you get this important data, organize it and keep an overview through automated reporting in visual dashboards. Say goodbye to manual reporting, and make the most of all available data.

Our strengths

Smart dashboards, smart decisions

Optimize efficiency and save time

Maximize the value of your data, streamline all business activities and focus your attention on data analysis rather than data collection. Spend your time gaining insights that drive growth.

Strengthen internal and external communications

Improve internal and external communication by using visually appealing dashboards and reports that are up-to-date and at your fingertips.

Gain data-driven and actionable insights

Gain actionable insights from reliable data sources, and discover the power of this data in the organization’s decision-making process.

Our solutions

Our solutions

Power BI rapportering

Financial Reporting

Automated financial reports providing instant insight into how the company is doing financially. Complex processes such as centralizing and visualizing 1 or more entities and or businesses suddenly become a piece of cake.

Cash rapportering

Get a clear understanding of all incoming and outgoing cash transactions. Our Cash forecasting enables you to make better decisions.

Operational reporting

With an operational dashboard, you can immediately see if you are on track to achieve your business goals. It provides real-time insight into sales data and a clear view on targets and margins for both management and employees. From KPIs to project level, optimize your operational efficiency.

Customized reporting

Through the use of the Power BI tool, we have the ability to customize reporting according to your business needs in an accessible and efficient manner.

About us


DTB Analytics?

At DTB Analytics, we strive for your business success by combining our passion for data and business intelligence with industry knowledge and expertise. Our dedicated team of analysts creates customized solutions for your specific needs, regardless of your sector.


We offer:

  • Fast and in-depth insights
  • In-house development of automated reports
  • Immediate actionable solutions
  • Expertise across multiple sectors
  • A long-term relationship focused on your future
  • Affordable and accessible services


From data to insight

  • DTB Analytics collects all data sources and connects to their data through ready-to-use or custom data connectors.

  • Then, all important data is brought together, organized and put into visual automated reports. Patterns, opportunities and issues become clear at a glance, without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

  • Your data is automatically updated so your reports are always up to date.

  • Accurate and up-to-date dashboards allow your organization to make the best decisions. Benefit from data-driven decision making through easy-to-use reports.


Let's work


Curious about automated reporting for your organization? Contact us and together we will explore what we can do for each other.