About DTB Analytics

DTB Analytics has a heart for data. For a long time, we have shared our expertise and strive to support companies in improving their business policies.


Our story

At DTB Analytics, we strongly believe that understanding your business is the foundation for a successful future. By gaining an accurate understanding of both the functional and operational aspects of your organisation, and understanding how to effectively leverage these insights, your business can make the best possible decisions.

This is why DTB Analytics was founded: we want to help companies become data-driven and pull out all the stops to grow. Our goal is to guide companies in effectively using data analytics to make better-informed decisions. Thereby, we do the preliminary work and pour all available data into visual dashboards so that companies are put on the right track from the very beginning.


Why work with DTB Analytics

  • Our data specialists love data. We connect to your data, interpret it and turn it into a visual overview.

  • We at DTB Analytics have experience in various sectors, so we are familiar with your business context. We are not afraid to apply our previously acquired knowledge, and all dashboards and connectors are developed in-house.

  • Communication is an important aspect at DTB. We therefore strive to meet your needs.


Let's work


Ready to move into data? Check out our services, or contact us. Together, we’ll see what we can do for each other.